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Welcome to the Danville Gallery Story.

Golden Gate Bridge Porter

I started my career in the fine arts business with the successful publication of the Golden Gate Bridge Poster.

The night before the event I went to Children’s Hospital and gave all the kids and staff one free poster. I was always sick as a child and wanted them to have something for their very own to enjoy. The next day people stood in line for blocks to buy a poster, an act only attributed to divine intervention.


Pat with Caroline Young, Charles Saldiver and Yolanda Kelly


Originally I had set out to open an antique store along with vintage fashion jewelry and collectibles. However, the unprecedented act compelled me to accept my destiny as an art dealer and later my involvement with charities and my church.



Pictured here with artists Caroline Young, Charles Saldivar, and Yolanda Kelly, in front of my first signature showroom located on Prospect Avenue in Danville.




My first major show was for Erte with artist Stephan giving a lecture at the Veterans Building in Danville. I’m pictured here with friend and model Maria Powers and special guests Tom and Nancy Brown, owners of Images Fine Art.


Caroline Young

This was short lived as the space was too small with little parking but we had an enormously successful show with Caroline Young completely selling out every original piece of work.

The show was so overwhelmingly successful I was compelled to open a larger gallery with a follow up sold out show at my new location at 219 S. Hartz Avenue in Danville, which was the site of the original Post Office building.

Second Gallery


Zhou Ling



Our next major show was a one woman show with Yunnan artist Zhou Ling, whom I later became a publisher for.



Yuri Yuroz


The next major show was a one man show for up and coming artist Yuri Yuroz. The show was so successful that I gave the artist a Jaguar to drive home with.




Mark King

Later in the year I hosted a major art show for artist Mark King, also sold out, where he signed over 200 books for collectors at the Crow Canyon Country Club where my brother Tim managed. Tim was extremely supportive of me and my endeavors and faclitated catering for many of my eventsAnother incredibly successful show.





Byron Galvez

Every year I went to New York to meet artists such as Byron Galvez pictured here.


Niko Vrielink


My next major show was with artist Niko Vrielink, which prompted a follow up show.





Also held a show for the artist who painted the original that kicked my career into gear pictured here with my friend Sue and her husband.









In 1993 after the filming of Mrs. Doubtfire across the street from my gallery the city decided to tear out and rebuild the downtown. After three months of no customers and no end in sight to the construction, I opted to leave Danville by first holding a major auction on Mother's Day. I then opened a showroom in San Francisco. I eventually landed in Newport Oregon where I reside today.





Location 3


Upon the death of my aunt in 1994 I returned home and visited my old haunts to discover the city had finally finished the downtown area. My fathers health was failing and I opted to sell my properties in Newport to be closer to my family.







I took over the most run-down property on Hartz Avenue and with the help of my friends Tim Abbott and Fast Eddie, turning the property into my last signature showroom in this area, which is now Geoffrey Scott’s gallery next door to Valley Medylns.



Pat's New Digs


Pictured here on 1953 Pan Head owned by my
brother Michael in 1994.








Hartz Avenue Project


JD Challenger, Al Marino and John Nietos

Here with JD Challenger and Al Marco where I was the only art dealer
invited to a private showing of his and John Nietos work.


I continued working in Danville with great success for many years until my fathers illness accelerated to the point that my mother needed me full time to care for him. I turned my signature showroom over in 2001 to Robert Buttler who continued the tradition till 2007 when he retired. I remained faithful to my beliefs of caring for both my father and mother over a span of eight years until their passing while continuing to sell artwork privately.

Unfortunately because of the terms of my agreement with the purchaser of the business I was unable to thank all of my loyal customers the way I had intended. The inventory was not part of the sale so I continued to sell artwork through Newport Fine Arts where I now live on the Oregon Coast.

I am thankful that over the years my success has enabled me to help a myriad of non-profit organizations, especially the Special Olympics where many of you have seen me active. Without the support of all of my loyal clients and friends none of this would have been possible.

May God Bless.

-Pat Maguire

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